Zangband is a variant of Angband and anyone wishing to join a usenet discussion group relating to Zangband should feel free to join which is a forum for discussing Angband and all its variants.

RGRA Ettiquette

Subject Headings
Since the maintainers of Angband have kept its source code open, there are numerous variants each of which are discussed on r.g.r.a. In order to distinguish posts relating to Zangband and so as not to annoy people who don't want to read about Zangband, you should preface your post's Subject with '[Z]'.

Unlike some other roguelike games' newsgroups, it is not necessary for you to leave spoiler space before disclosing some of the inner workings of the game. Zangband has an open source and anyone who wants to can see what's happening for themselves so there is little point in keeping it all secret.

RGRA is an unusually friendly newsgroup that is generally very tolerant of newbies and others who need help. We avoid flamewars and other anti-social behavior.

R.G.R.A Acronyms

There are numerous acronyms used on usenet generally and others that are specific to and these can sometimes be confusing to Newbies. The following represent some of the more commonly used acronyms on r.g.r.a:



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