Many people over the years have contributed to Zangband's development whom the DevTeam would like to publicly thank. We've tried to list everyone we could think of here but we know we've missed people out. If you have contributed to Zangband and your name is missing, please drop us a line and let us know. We'd like to acknowledge your contribution and make this list as comprehensive as possible. If your name is here and you can enlighten us with some more details on your contribution - let us have them.

Past Moria Maintainers

Past Angband Maintainers

Past Zangband Maintainers

Past DevTeam Members

Source code contributions

Other Significant Contributions Contributions

Other Notable People
For contributing bug reports, patches, ideas, etc

Adam Horowitz, Oscar Nelson, Benny S. Hofmann, Aram Harrow, Greg Harvey, Keldon Jones, Graham Murray, David A. Henry, "Strikes", Chris Hadgis, David Howdon, Jenni Henzel, Stephen Lee, Eric Wright, Bob Martin, Ethan Sicotte, Brandon Walker, Kelly Trinh, Brian Graham, James W. Sager III, Larry Bassel, Markus Linnala, Musus Umbra, Mike Hommel, Christopher Stranczek, Werner Baer, Andreas Koch, Jon Boehnker, David Paoletti, Håkan Axelsson and many others

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