The game of Zangband is a single player computer role playing game set in the world (although 'worlds' might perhaps be more accurate) of Amber created by the author Roger Zelazny. Zangband is a variant of the game Angband which is descended from the game Moria which is in turn based upon the game Rogue (hence Zangband's classification as a roguelike game). Rogue was, perhaps, the first computer game to use the terminal screen graphically with ASCII characters representing the player, dungeon features, objects and monsters as opposed to the text adventures of its day.

In Zangband, a player may choose from a number of races, classes and magic realms when creating a character, and then "run" that character over a period of days, weeks, even months. Deep down inside, the real objective of the game is to increase your experience, and certain other characteristics, and also to collect useful items, to give you a decent chance against the great Serpent of Chaos, who lurks somewhere in the depths of the dungeon.

The player will begin his adventure on the town level where he may acquire supplies, weapons, armor, and magical devices by bartering with various shop owners. After preparing for his adventure, the player can descend into the dungeon where fantastic adventures await his coming!

Once your character has killed Oberon, who lives on level 99 (4950') in the dungeon, a magical staircase will appear that will finally allow you to reach level 100. The Serpent of Chaos lurks on this level of his dungeon, and you will not be able to go below his level until you have killed him. Try to avoid wandering around on level 100 unless you are ready for him, since it has a habit of coming at you across the dungeon, to slay you for your impudence.

If you should actually survive the attempt of killing the Serpent of Chaos, you will receive the status of WINNER. You may continue to explore, and may even save the game and play more later, but since you have defeated the toughest creature alive, there is really not much point. Unless you wish to listen to the rumors of a powerful ring buried somewhere in the dungeon...

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